Northants - Saturday 11 March


Kevin’s , I wondered if he uses phono stage ?


I don’t think he had a record player at home when I visited him at xmas.


Was it an M7 or M77 at home. I’m starting to doubt myself now.


He needs a Nobsound for home use, save tying up all his expensive demo pre’s.


Never not nob.


Never knowingly under not nobbed.


Will get rest of maps e-mailed over tonight


Sorry Pete, will have to pull out of this one. I’ve had the opportunity of a rescheduled hospital appointment which was cancelled a couple of weeks ago and I would like to take them up on it. Dental implant surgery isn’t comparable to a bake for weekend entertainment but I need to get on with it. :unamused:


You clearly haven’t heard my music :smile:

Pity Ritchie but good luck with treatment


Can we have a jazz free room on Saturday.


Time for the barbershop :smile:



Will there be a turntable in the second system Pete?


I was hoping to try my old Micro Seiki in the main system. We could try this in second system or open to offers if anyone wants to bring a t/t. I need to rescue it from the dreaded pit which is the under stairs cupboard, I have no idea of quality / condition of cartridge etc so a second turntable would be great.

Had a lot of offers of cd players. Happy for anyone to try their own but maybe don’t need so many.

I will summarise the offers later then everyone can decide on what they want to bring.



Plenty of pics please.Have a good time.:thumbsup:


Bread rolls x 24 and a bloomer loaf cooling down and ready to bring


Really looking forward to hearing the Finos in a normal-sized room.


Just got home from setting them up - lovely size room for them and they sounded very good to Pete and I but I’m sure they can be tweaked a lot further by the experts.


Enjoy chaps.

I’m at Hull v Swansea, and it’s my wedding anniversary. So it was never to be! Shame, as it’s not far.


Been listening to Ryan Adams live on the Finos, sounds great.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Big thanks to Paul for helping set up, shifting furniture etc.

Sounded broken when we first switched on, eventually realised only one of the speakers was switched on :smile: