2018 Formula 1


The level of incompetence/stupidity from some team principals still baffles me. He only had to refer to Social Media for all the implications :roll_eyes:


Spot on. It is his job to understand the implications, and act accordingly.


Well thank god for the flip flop thing on your car today :+1:


It ain’t pretty but…


It was pretty scary watching the accident live, but great to see that the halo worked as it was supposed to do.


Yeah it did it’s job, didn’t it

I’d still contest that the indycar-style screen is 1000 times prettier and seemingly as effective … but I don’t think Charles Leclerc gives two hoots about that this morning

PS: how the hell did Ricciardo not get a penalty for back-dooring Kimi??


Without a crash or rain this particular mid season in F1 is quite predicable and it’s getting mighty close to Noahs Ark racing.


Didn’t he get a shove from the airborne Alonso and at the same time smashing his rear wing ?


Your’e right, my bad

Weanwhile, wowzers


I might have been little unfair to Steiner



Very interesting. I shall watch with antici…pation!


Blimey, complicated for a simpleton like me!


Nowt ever straightforward inside The Piranha Club.



Big one for Ericsson today…


Fortunately Marcus is fine. The DRS stuck open and then the car did not have enough rear downforce compared to the front for the braking manoeuvre and he spun into the wall.


Jees’ that was a big un! Glad he’s ok!


Vettel starts to celebrate with a “yesss” over the team radio, then he is told he is P2 and that his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen has got the pole.

“We speak later,” was Vettel’s rather cold response, clearly furious at no pole position for him.
Someone explain that if you’re P2, Kimi being on pole is not going to be that big a problem, if you know what I mean.


Have now read that Kimi’s contract states if he gets Pole he doesnt have to go with team orders.
Which should make for a very interesting race.


Interesting first corner…