2018 Formula 1


Interesting race, enjoyed it.
Lewis is one hell of a racer.


No fanboi but that was an epic pass. In the right position and got the job done.
Interesting race. Loads going on strategy wise. Unusual graining for Ferrari which didn’t show up in FP.

Ferrari strategy is still suspect compared to Mercedes. This needs sorting if Ferrari want to be contenders this year.


I actually really wanted Kimi to win, good race though,enjoyed that one!


I can’t believe anybody would have dreamed of a better result.


This gives an idea of how fucked Kimi’s tyres were…


It would have been great for Kimi to win if only to see the bugger smile…


That’s not going to pass an MOT.


I don’t know, Mercedes have had their moments too.
Leaving Hamilton out on track when everyone else pitted under safety car in Austria was a massive cock up.


More successful, more of the time.


Agreed, he had a great day yesterday - another cock up by Vettel, he’s racking them up this season


Bit of a side issue, (but he is one of my F1 fantasy league driuvers :persevere:) Grosjean disqualified for having an illegal floor. Not sure if Magnussen was affected similarly but he did bugger all anyway.
(Another one of my fantasy F1 drivers :rage:)


Eagle mk1. The only American F1 car. By Dan Gurney.
Won 1 GranPrix out of 25 with 23 retirements and had a 12 cyl. Westlake engine. Like Brabham and McClaren built in England. Nice looking.


Vettel’s error, trying too hard & too early when he had the better car.
Cracking race despite the Italian TV director’s odd choice of race shots that ignored some of the overtaking.
That was on Channel 4. Do Sky take the same pics?


So: Vandoorne’s toast at McLaren (finally) unless Ian’s lot takes him on (which they ought to IMHO) to fill in for Leclerc who’s (again) got Kimis seat, and Kimis (again) going to McLaren, again.

Edit. Hang on, wrong again. they’ve confirmed Lando Norris. So another young driver for them to trash.

Makes things interesting elsewhere as McLaren is no longer a lifeboat for Ocon.


Actual news! Leclerc to Ferrari (yup, we kinda knew that) and Kimster to sauber on a two year deal (err, WHAT???)

No doubt Ian will pile on the pounds with all the Magnums, but I don’t get that one little bit at all, from anyone’s point of view (part from Liberty, perhaps: losing Fred AND Kimi would look careless)


Must be a golden egg in there for Kimi.


“Here’s a two year deal with Sauber, next time let Seb past at turn 1 you cockwomble”



"Marchionne died unexpectedly in July and has been replaced at Ferrari by chairman John Elkann, a scion of the Agnelli family that has long controlled Fiat and its affiliated companies, and chief executive officer Louis Carey Camilleri.

Both were at the Italian Grand Prix, where Elkann broke the news to Raikkonen before the race that he may not be retained, according to sources close to the team.

He then failed to win the race despite starting from pole position, and by defending against Vettel on the opening lap arguably contributed to the chain of events that led to Vettel spinning to the back after colliding with Lewis Hamilton, who went on to win the race."

Motivation Italian style :rofl:


That changes things a bit for Sauber with a very experienced driver in the team. Continues to indicate that the owners are serious about F1.

Leaves an interesting choice for the second driver, will Marcus be kept on or will Giovanazi be given the role, or will there be a leftfield choice that no one saw coming?

I am sure that it has already been sorted out, but I don’t know what the decision is.


This situation raises the obvious question;
Since the earliest days of “commercial” F1, a top level driver in a low budget team hasn’t really worked because the limited resources are diverted away from the car and towards the driver.
I can’t imagine Kimi working for nowt so, is there enough in the pot to pay for a top driver AND develop the car ?
I’m sure the marketing guys are over the moon at having an icon to hang sales on. But there must be a lag between expenditure and investment.