2018 Formula 1


I’d really like to see Vandoorne have a second chance. Despite my unhealthy love for Alonso,I’ll happily admit that Vandoorne was more than close enough in quali to suggest he has the stuff whch his lower-categories form suggested he had. Plus Vasseur knows him inside out and could surely squeeze the max out out of him.

I’m sure Ferrari will be paying a decent chunk for Kimi, though I shudder to wonder how many pounds of flesh they want in return.

PS: there are some stories / rumours that Kimi will buy some equity in the team, presumably from the Tettra Pak gang.


My F1 app updated a couple of days ago. I didn’t look at any of the gossip or video clips before, so no idea if more or less. The update is a functional downgrade of the timing screens from the same as on the pit wall to an awful page which has much less info in much bigger print :frowning:
Looks like not only will I no longer be watching F1 on tv next year (no Sky) but I shan’t bother to continue my subscription to the F1 app either, so no following of GPs for the first time in 50 years.


Had the same thing today, but it’s an IT goof up

Look for the Live Timing dropdown feom the main menu, then you get it

Edit - hang on, my app just updated itself, and looks remarkably different: it also says on the app store that they have updated the live timing experience

They better bloody well not have fucked this up

Thankfully the desktop / PC version is unchanged (for now)


The app is fucked and unusable for now. The web version doesn’t give the information I follow but it is now much, much better than the app.
I have emailed a complaint. Maybe they are taking bandwidth away from the timing to help the video, hope not.


I used the web version in the States following your comment and found it a good substitute for the team timing pages that I was used to. Now having access to a teams timing info I have no need of an external solution.

Whilst in the States they asked for some people to test their development ideas. I responded stating my experience and that I would help them if they paid me, but they did not get back to me! They clearly understand exactly what people need to know to understand the race and have no need of people that actually do.


The app was a bag of wank during quali, and I’ll be trying it alongside the desktop version timing this evening, but they are very close to losing my money.

It’s just dumbing everything down to get kids interested.


Perez is such a twat


He had a really shitty day. It’s happened before (quite a few times) and it’s the thing that suggests he will NEVER be offered a drive in a top team. Regardless of speed.
Never, ever, take out your team-mate, then lie about it.

Overall a pretty good race. Not a classic, but enough going on (Checo V Sirotkin especially) to keep you watching.
Tough conditions making it a proper test of drivers and machines.


Wow - the new app really IS atrocious. They are also now in receipt of an uncomplimentary mal from yours truly, and are no doubt currently ignoring it.

Leaving aside how they’ve trashed the live timing, it crashed three times during the race, feels like there’s lag (and I’m on a bonkers fast connection) the radio feed STILL dissapears all the time,.and there is so much empty spoace on the screen it’s absurd. I’m not blind, FFS:

Truly and utterly awful

Oh, and I’m STILL confused about what I am /& am not subscribed to, as it keeps offering my F1 TV even though it is not avaiolable in my country, and any attempt to go the help pages keeps redirecting me to F1 TV.



Clueless. “We’ll make it better, but instead of going back to the tried and tested system that was brilliant, we’ll have another stab at fucking it up.”


They’ve relaunched the old live timing in a new app.

They’re still morons, mind


I am relieved. The original F1 timing app came from a company owned by or associated with Otmar Schafenaur who sold it to Bernie when he went back to work for Force India or thereabouts. This “new” app is indeed a return to the original, I probably won’t bother with the F1 app any more since it has transmogrified into something I have little interest in. I wonder how much more expensive the annual license will be…


I’ve yet to open it, having probs with iPad / iPhone. is it subscription only, or free?


I used the same log in as for the other app and it worked. Not sure how it will work out at renewal time.


Charles drove a stunning race today, showing why he has been signed by Ferrari for 2019. No spoilers as to the to the outcome with the top drivers from this statement!


Max drove a good race to get from close to the back to lead the most laps.

But there have been comments which are just not correct, suggesting that it was a brilliant race and he would have won it if he did not need to stop (the others would then not have needed to stop and so would have started on the soft…). The soft tyre was the best tyre to be on. Having to start on the Ultra or the Hyper cost you race time over just running the soft.

He also overtook other drivers with ease, in general because they made it easy for him. Trying to hold Max behind was only going to damage their tyres, and as none of the midfiled were racing Max (or Ricciardo in a damaged RBR), there was no point in damaging your own race by holding them back.


Thanks, Ian. Always good to get an insight.


Haven’t see the race yet, a rare weekend where there just wasn’t time for anything. I’ve lost a bit of interest what with Ferrari’s minor (but definitive) implosion too, TBH

Saw a great clip from Kimi’s team radio yesterday

Team: “Kimi, do the opposite of what Lewis does”
Kimi “What? I cannot even see him”

Says it all, really. Blown it


Talking of “blowing it”, the coverage mentioned the Ferrari’s no longer seem to be venting that smoke now.
could this be connected with their drop back, (strokes chin)…


Rumour has it FIA have quietly stopped them doing “something” that was giving them such an edge weeks ago.
They’ve stopped them “vaping” (strokes chin, picks nose & scratches balls)