2018 Formula 1


Multi-tasking Steve?
I’d accuse you of being a woman but the ball scratching sort of rules that out.
Unless you’ve been to Thailand recently, (pokes finger in ear, breaks wind and raises eyebrow)…




what they done, turned em into two stroke’s



They have been after them for a while since the ‘odd battery thing’.



Looks like the Honda had made a good step for the qualifying laps but looks like they still had to turn it down a lot for the race.
They may be a long way from having an engine capable of 7 Grands Prix at competitive power level they need.


Again, a race of two halves (?); the first 6 then everybody else. Some good scraps, some stupid driving (hello, Mr. Vettel !), some outright fuckwittery (come in number 33 your time is up) and good drives from the back of the pack.
Pretty typical Japanese GP really :unamused:


Marko’s face will be a picture next season

Missed this race as well, first Japanese race i’ve missed as long as I can remember :frowning:

Save for Max being a bellend, did I miss much?


I wonder what failed on Leclercs car?






He’s such a dick


I love how he thought Raikkonen should have ‘waited for him to come back on the track’ LOL.


Not able to comment!!!


This is about bloody time.

No doubt there’s an even better way of doing it (rich dads for all girls?) but until then STFU and get behind this


You would have thought that there would be more women in F1.
Surely the smaller and lighter the driver the better?


How did Susie Wolff compare, was she on the pace? I wonder why she never got a race seat? Lack of sponsorship?


Not sure it’s as clear cut as that, but women are just as physically & mentally capable of racing fast cars as blokes. Christ, if they can fly fighter jets etc etc (not the Space Shuttle though, eh?) . The issue is opportunity. And money (read sponsorship)

Lest I be confused for some pussy whipped feminista, I’ll say this: it’s not helped by shit teams employing mediocre fanny as reserve drivers who lap 20 seconds off the pace on their one outing.

I’d have thought investing in karting for girls was a better idea, but something is better than nothing…and as nothing’s what we’ve got, this is fine by me

IIRC she did pretty well, but wasn’t really at ‘this’ level. I may be wrong, but I recall her being rather mediocre through all the classes in her career, so I found all the “Suzi tests for Williams” stuff a bit daft, TBH. She was never gonna be quick enough

Frank would know more, obvs



In some very important respects, better on average than men in space.

And back on topic, Danica Patrick was up there with the top racers pondside.