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They’re starting to get up there on bikes too:

There’s Maria Costello, and more recently Jenny Tinmouth in road racing:


CThe sponsorship and promotional opportunities for female drivers is enormous. But and it’s a big but, they must be as quick as any other available driver.
Just being mediocre isn’t good enough as it reflects badly on the team, sport and women in general.
There have been quick women in motorsport but there also seems to be be an indefinable something in Formula racing which precludes women from competing at the top level. This could be; physical, mental or cultural.

It has always surprised me that the only teams to have taken a chance on women in recent years have been backmarkers. Does this suggest male dominated teams/industries/media wrapped in cynicism or insufficient numbers of female competitors with the willingness to push themselves to the level required.

I have to admit to being confuse.

And more than a little disappointed :pensive:


Susie Wolff was always beaten by her team mate in every racing formula that she entered. From the outside she was always off the pace at Williams as well.

I agree completely with Craig, there is no physical or mental reason why women cannot compete in F1.


I’d never heard of Helle Nice before. Sounds as if she was quite a lass.


Some interesting abascus work from Andrew Benson here. Short version, Merc have taken a mighty leap forward, rather than Ferrari falling back (though it’s surely more complicated than that)

Elsewhere, Merc have placed Geroge Russel at Wiliams. Ocon is utterly screwed, unless the Russian money dries up. Ocon would rip Bottas a new one, they’ve completely buggered this up IMHO. Well done, Toto.


Ocon is certainly very quick, and is definitely deserving of an F1 drive, but I’m not convinced he has the temperament to beat Bottas over a season. Yet.


I think there is also a certain harmony and respect between Bottas and Hamilton which, after the all out warfare between Rosberg and Hamilton, I think Mercedes will value.
Also I do feel Bottas deserves the drive. He’s pushed and beaten Hamilton, albeit only occasionally, and is helping the team with his acceptance of team orders.
(The above may also be total bollocks. Something I’m good at) :grin:


I appreciate I have not seen the last few races, but IMHO Lewis has absolutley slaughtered Bottas this year, in part cos Bottas simply isn’t the real deal, but primarily because (grinds teeth to dust) Lewis has been on another planet

Leaving aside the gulf in quali, he’s made far more mistakes, lock ups, and just gone AWOL midrace so much more than a driver in that seat should be making.

So basically, he’s a teetoal Eddie Irvine.

That’s apprently fine with Merc, he’s not gonna ruffle the feathers and will pick up a podium along the way.,


Therein lies the rub.
I can only think of one driver from the current line up with the skills and arrogance not to be crushed underfoot, Max, fuck you, Verstappen.


I’m not saying they should find a teammate who can beat Lewis (there’s only one, and he’s above) but they should have someone who’s not a distant third / fourth while Lewis / Vettel are slugging it out.


Nope. Too flighty. Needs to mature.


I very much stand corrected.
I keep forgetting about him, mainly because of the inadequacy of the POS he is driving.
It would be fascinating too after their first pairing…


Hopefully he will do that whilst not losing the flair and excitement.


Had his chance and became toxic, is it a surprise none of the big teams wanted his services over the last few years?


To me, yes. Also surprised that Liberty let him go so easily too.


Hope the floods drain down soon at COTY if the picture I saw is anything to go by the underpasses are full of water


In car footage shows you slowing down ONLY once you reach the 3rd Marshall Post (flashing red light) and only once you saw slower drivers ahead of you.
Stop moaning you ungrateful prick. You are coming across as a churlish cunt.


Too many mistakes, simple as.

As Nigel Roebuck once said: Alonso has occasional off days, Vettel has off seasons.


Thoroughly enjoyed that race, dunno what Merc were playing at keeping Lewis out that long, but still - chuffed for Kimi.

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