2018 Formula 1


Meanwhile, sounds like some much needed money is going in the direction of Grove


As happy as I’d be to see Ocon on the grid next year in a Williams, it was yet another piss-poor showing from Bottas yesterday. Ocon would rip him a new one and be a much better foil for Lewis.


Quite enjoyed the race but, yes, Merc deserve a kicking for Ham’s poor strategy call. Maybe Ferrari’s personnel were passing notes to them under the desk. “Pay attention in class !”

It was great to see Kimi on the top step after such a long time.

I truly thought this was Hamilton’s race (and championship). So we get to wait another week.


How does one go about applying for the job as Race Strategist for Merc as there is obviously a vacancy?

2019 Formula One

I’m turning into F1’s anti-Bottas Gammon, I do know this …but JESUS CHRIST


He dropped off the leaders like a lead balloon this weekend, and was n o w h e r e to be seen

Bad luck my arse


Ocon for Bottas seat…


2019 aerodynamicists get the green light.


The same strategist who managed the 2009 season at Brawn, faultlessly, continues to be in charge of strategy at Merc. Both the Merc strategy team and the Ferrari strategy teams have made more mistakes than usual this year, which has provided more than usual to discuss.


From my perspective, this was a very good race, as we finally managed to get ahead of Torro Rosso in the championship, with a very well managed race (drivers, tyres, strategy and pitstops).


Well done to Lewis. He had a genuinely brilliant summer and won in a car that was (albeit only slightly) second best, making his teammate look like a total gibbon to boot

I feel that Vettel lost it equally as much as Lewis won it, though. Too many mistakes from Vettel handed it on a plate. Alonso would have won the WDC in that Ferrari, as would, to be fair, Vettel from another year.

Edit. Just read Andrew Benson’s Lewis tribute (here) waxing that this was Lewis’ greatest championship. Surely if Vettel hadn’t tossed points away like candy, Lewis - for all his excellent efforts - would have been second, and quickly forgotten



Ricciardo in less than his usual upbeat self, told TV crews after the race;

"I don’t think ‘frustration’ is the word anymore, everything feels hopeless.
"Honestly, now where I am, I don’t see the point of coming on Sunday, I don’t see the point of doing the next two races.
“Just things are happening on Sunday which I’ve got no more explanation for. The car… I’ll let Gasly drive it, I’m done with it.”


Isn’t the worry for him though that the problem is the Renault engine, not the Red Bull chassis?
Unless it’s an integration issue but I can’t see that. It’s a professional team and we are towards the end of the season.
time enough to have sorted any of those…


I agree to a point. Most of the later failures have been hydraulic or other mechanicals. So it’s been more RB than Renault.
Certainly in the second half of the season, anyway.


Have they said what the failure was this time?
(Only just watching the coverage from last night)


Hydraulics. Similar to Verstappen’s failure in FP.


That would certainly back up what you say


Pity we haven’t seen Cyril going into meltdown about how RB have let them down far too often, and it’s unacceptable etc etc etc