2018 Formula 1


Another losing faith ??


Is he off to Formula E ?


Says he’s going to sit back and see.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he did go to E.


I dunno whether he walked or was pushed, but that’s three major positions this year that have gone AWOL (de Beer & Wood) with seemingly no replacement lined up.


Perhaps following Massa?


Good call.


Joe Saward mentioned that he was leaving a week or so ago, though nothing conrete about where to

Which isn’t terribly helpful, is it. Sorry


It is difficult being in a team and being responsible for performance when you are last! Even if in my case I joined halfway through that season!

His role was to improve performance, not be another who watched (or even guided) over the team go back down the grid again. At some point that becomes untenable for the team or for the person professionally, unless there are very good reasons for it (e.g. the team sees all its major income streams reduce dramatically or disappear).


I have a soft spot for Williams given that I lived in Grove/Wantage from 1966-1982 and knew the factory they purchased. However they now seem to be on the crest of a trough.


= negative spiral?


Just announced and Narelle has already told me to book tickets :flushed:


I had exactly the same thought.


Well that was eventful :slight_smile:


Missed it, again

What happened with Max?


Max was leading, Ocon tried to unlap himself with fresh tyres out of the pits, Max turned in on him, result = Max spins = very upset Max = quite a big strop.


Ta. Bless him.


Ah forgot, Max is deemed a very naughty boy and has had a severe telling off and then some for being rubbish at fisticuffs :slight_smile: