55 inch 4K Television

And Dave Ja Vu ?


Yes because compressed SD programmes are exactly why you’d spend £30k on an 8k 88” oled screen 🤦

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On topic with the title of the thread

If you want a 55" 4K UHD OLED Panasonic TV

And have a Costco account, or know a forum member with a Costco account, this looks a very good deal for £849.00


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This is a nice price.

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Have they sorted their HDR issues out?

I was an early adopter and my 4k panny hdr won’t play amazon hdr content. It’s fucking infuriating. Oh and Panny announced they wouldn’t be providing software upgrades for my range of TV… Cunts.

In so much as LG Display does most of the work for them with OLED panels, yes.

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Has anyone tried the latest Sony TVs?

We have a 55 Panasonic telly, 5yrs old.
Plays amazon, YT, Netflix an’ that no issue.

The '21 models aren’t out yet. Lots of of hype around those this year.

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Amazon HDR is all black tubs on ours.

Known issue with that vintage. I think mines older than 5.

New Philips 55 inch 856 OLED installed in the extension today. Impressed so far. Ewan is itching to play the Xbox series X on it.


I am looking for a new TV for the conservatory, I have looked at many and am a bit confused :smiley: There’s no ariel connection in there so it would need to work on the Wi-Fi but it’s not clear whether Freeview can be accessed without an ariel. Can anyone enlighten me?

If only there was some kind of magic search service that would allow you to find this out.


Yes I’ve done that but is any smart TV equipped or do I need a Freeview box? I don’t think my current TV can do it, also on the spec for some smart TVs it states ariel required.

My Philips TV has the Freeview App installed. I assume you can get a version for any current smart TV platform.

You won’t need a box.

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Actually reading in more detail, it does say you need a Freeview enabled TV, so do check. I’d be gobsmacked if they don’t all support it, though.

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firestick in the black friday sale will get you lots of stuff if you have things like netflix anyway - just needs hdmi port to work and power source nearby

lots of free and cheap tellys that would work with firestick so gives the option to get a big screen with modern functions for buttons

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But will it get Talking Pictures TV?

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You might be more gobsmacked than you might think then. Usually at least one major brand fucks up the license and omits it from a product year. It was LG a few years ago and this time it’s Sony who don’t have it on any of their flagship models. It might appear by software update but don’t count on it and make sure you check.

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