AA football predictor


Me to


Me to.


Me too.


Did they only put that fixture up very late? I’m sure I’d have registered a guess had it been there when I checked on saturday night.


I tried yesterday morning and got the updating message. By the time I remembered last night the game was almost over.



They have been late a couple of times.


Predictions are up now


I hope the BBC’s software hasn’t died. I did better this week.


Wow that is some score I only got 140. How I got that score I do not quite work out.


It does seem to have gone a bit funny. I got 220 points.


Never fear - a stunning 60 points for me.


It’s only showing results up to week 31, hasn’t added any points for the weekend just gone & won’t actually accept any of the predictions for this week’s matches. Basically, it’s fucked.


New games are up but predictions can’t be saved yet :roll_eyes:


Chelsea v Huddersfield is missing.


Probably best if we call this season void and start again August

We are all winners


We are?


It’s back working with Chelsea game as well!!!


They haven’t yet updated the table with last week’s scores.


Well I have made my selections.


Me too. I guess there’ll be another round for next Sunday’s games although I doubt that the Beeb’s Sinclair ZX81 is going to make it as far as the weekend.