AA football predictor


Get your predicts in!




They still haven’t sorted this. I was showing 180 points less at the start of week 38 than I should have been & even from these most recent matches they’ve got the points awarded wrong. Useless cnuts.


Congratulations to Chelsea Dave on winning this years AA football predictor.


I’ve no idea what score Dave should really be on (probably higher) but I should be on 3300. There must be works syndicates all over the country with money riding on this who’ll be furious that the BBC software has failed.


Thank you Ian. I must say I have no idea what happened at the death but what an absolute F**k up by the Beeb and no apology yet. :slightly_frowning_face:


Mourinho would be proud of this moaning and blaming outside influences.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m just delighted to have avoided relegation considering I hadn’t entered since week 11.:sunglasses:


Dave, What does your Week 39 results page say? Mine disagrees with their overall table which seemed to lose count a couple of weeks ago and which hasn’t been right since.

Useless gits. :smile:


Do they have VAR?


Needs a stuarts enquiry


Will you, Touch of Cloth & Cambs12 look into it?


Mine says 3340 points.


Congratulations Dave - with great age comes great wisdom, or something like that.:grin:


Congratulations. I guess that total is more likely to be the correct score than the one they are showing in their table.


Well done was a good tussle at the top

Sadly the bottom 2 get relegated to the“Tarmac World” forum for 12 months


If anyone sees a decent World Cup predictor,can they join it for this forum


And a cunning strategy of predicting Chelsea losses. :sunglasses:


Eleventh!!?! I’d never have believed your usual uncanny footie prediction sense could have failed you so badly. :grin:


He’s just been deflecting from what was an utterly feeble performance. A monkey picking results out of a bucket would have done better. :grinning:


Hey! That’s what I’ve been using