AA football predictor


I prefer an octopus.


You need to extrapolate the results and then ask the usual polling companies, who are never wrong, what would have happened if I had continued to play.

Result = I win.:ok_hand:


Wonder if they will do a World Cup predictor?


You could drop out after the group stages :+1:


Slightly annoying as i’m pretty sure i lost a thousand points in the mix up;

Due to a technical fault, some players might notice errors in their scores when viewed in Predictor league tables. We are unable to correct these errors before the end of the season. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please note your data and scores will no longer be available after the 23rd May 2018.


Hopefully the BBC will get one up in the next few weeks,going to be tricky guessing the scores in the group stages.


Just like England then.:+1:


Average weekly points score;

1 Ham Hamlet 84.7
2 murrayj2 82.1
3 ijrussell 78.1
4 athleticobertie 76.3
5 pmac AA 75.2
6 pilpil 73.6
7 Malbec 71.8
8 htm_1968 71.3
9 Rarajohnnyla 61.8
10 Lyndhurst 45.2
11 unclepuncle 19.4


It seems I dropped out at the right time… biggest thing for me was remembering to save them…I missed 6 weeks in total…I’ll be back


I had France 3-1 in the predictor. Now kaput.

2018 Formula 1

I forgot to do the final and 3rd place game.




So did I - It still gave me a prize of 234 points. Unfathomable scoring but inline with their normal MO.


I got the scoreline in the third place game right, which was amusing. Not convinced I understood how the game worked. I certainly didn’t know about the Joker until the QF stage. RTFM I suppose.

Well played Paul.


I did not know about the joker until the semi finals and I did last scorer etc. in the final but I don’t think that counted. Well done Paul.


I didn’t find the joker at all.


I missed the predictions for 3 games, probably about half of the ‘bonus’ options and found out about the joker button in time for the QF’s which gave me 170 points. None of my subsequent joker picks gained any points.

Maybe if we had all bothered to read the rules at the beginning… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Where would the fun be in that? :grinning:


We seem to be posting in the wrong thread :rofl:

I’m blaming @chelseadave for that


Quite right.:stuck_out_tongue: