AA football predictor


No it was switched by a certain Aussie mod.


Well he at least got the right sport so we can’t be too harsh on him.:wink:


Rubbish. It is not possible to be too harsh on that Strayan degenerate :face_with_monocle:


Meh! This is a Football related thread. It will do. It’s much closer now than it was in the Formula 1 thread :roll_eyes:


The BBC have stopped doing the footie predictor,so if anyone sees one, can they join it,and make a league.

I’ll have a look soon


Not surprised after the shambles at the end of last season.


Why not Premier League fantasy football Instead?
I have already done a team and joined the Wam league last season but it would be great to have our own league.


Fantasy football is far too involved - most of us can’t even remember to get our scores in each week without worrying about team selection.


Is this suitable?



Could be. Get Stu to organize it.


One of the finance guys in work organises one every season with about 10 games every week , mostly premier league fixtures and a sprinkling of lower league. If there’s an international break he might add those or fa cup etc. I’ll ask him if he uses a particular program or if she just tots them up himself.


I tried that one a couple of days ago,couldn’t n it


I joined and tried to start a mini league, entered a league name and password, but I don’t see where it went or how people join it?


You/re a cert to win it priovided you don’t give the rest of us a name or a link. :+1:


I seem to be able to access the mini league now.
If someone else wants to try and join it the league is called ‘AudioAbattoir’ and the password, I think, is ‘Abattoir’.


I’ve joined


Ok - looks like it’s game on.:+1:


I’m in.


Might as well give you the trophy now Dave.:trophy:


Season starts next Friday - sign up if you want the chance to to come second to Dave.