AA football predictor


I have done mine for next week.


I’ve managed to join, find the league and make the predictions for the first week.

Knackered now…:persevere:


Still can’t register


I had to register using my iPad. The screen wouldn’t scroll on my PC and kept booting me out. Feckin’ pain in the arse…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yes,same problem i’ve been having…


Borrow an iThing from somebody…


I’ve joined and filled in “week 4” predictions, does that sound right?


Yes it says week 4 on my screen.


Just realised they aren’t the first weeks games though. Fuck knows what is goign on??


So what happened to the first 3 weeks?


Look in August

First match is a Friday, Utd v Leicester


When you click on the mini league the games are shown as week 4?


Click on the PREDICTOR tab


OK - just wasn’t sure if predictions made on the main page get entered into the mini league?


I think you have to make sure that you Save Predictions after you’ve done them but I imagine there are various betting games that your predictions might go into & I suppose you might also be involved in multiple mini leagues.


It seems very weird and I have grave doubts that it will function any better than the BBC version.
Just don’t blame me if it all goes tits up.

I’ve logged out and then back in again and my predictions are still there.


Sorted now thx, first 4 weeks filled in

Dog of an interface on my phone…


@stu I originally set it up on my iPad but I just did my entries on my Windows 7 PC and it worked OK for me.


Done, but can’t see the mini league. I know I’ve joined it but can’t see if my predictions are there. I presume they have. Anyways, done the first three weeks and the Mighty Eagles are 2nd in the Prem league at the end of August to the Spuds but only on GD :grin:


Blind optimism at it’s finest.:clown_face: