AA football predictor


It’s what gets me through the season :ok_hand:


I wish I was capable of optimism.:pensive:


It’s why your investments (some call it gambling) pay off and mine don’t. Optimism -v- Cold Hard Decisions. One pays, the other doesn’t :grin:


I’m in at last


No doubt I was the only one not to predict a Man Utd win.:unamused:


Well I predicted a Man U win but nothing registered.
As a matter of fact my whole first week of predictions did not register. I’m out.


Forgotten all about this, I’ll try some catch up later. In the slowcoach, as usual.


We’ll still give you the trophy at the end of the season.:laughing:

I got 35 points for predicting a 1-1 draw.


You must have not clicked on ‘Save Prediction’?

You can still enter todays results and I’m sure someone else will have predicted the same United v Leicester result as you (easy to work out the points anyway) so we can add the score for that on manually.

We need you to keep Guy on his toes otherwise it will be all over by Christmas.:roll_eyes:


Guess which cunt, well done to SJS who got the correct score and 450 points.:rage:


I had United to win 2-0. Feckin’ Vardy.



You and a few others by the look of it.


Right let’s have no more goals in the second half at St James Park.


Get the fuck in.:sunglasses:

I see Dave scored some points there as well.

SJS still top by 100 points.


Malbec storms to the to of the table.:scream:

The scoring system is definitely biased towards goals - I predicted Brighton wouldn’t score but got nothing for my accuracy.:neutral_face:


@pmac appears to have not played this week? Too busy watching the cricket.:thinking:


And now I am top after getting the late kick off game correct.:star_struck:


Think the scoring system is knackered


It works as described but it heavily biased towards goals - you get much more for predicting a 2-2 than a 0-0.

Basically if you just predict 10-10 for every game you would get plenty of points.
They should have made it so you only get the bonus points if you correctly predict a teams number of goals.


Your maths is a bit faulty; the bonus for a correct score far outweighs the goal bonuses. Sure you get 415 pts for guessing 10-10 and the actual score being 9-9 but you get 400 pts for correctly guessing a 0-0 draw. There won’t ever be enough goals scored to outweigh getting a correct score.