AA football predictor

I didn’t forget, just thought I’d give everyone a head start.


Round 2 results and @malbec takes the w8n with 14 points from @murrayjohnson on 13.5 points. @Pan collects the wooden spoon with 3 points, just behind @sjs with 3.5 points

Predictably this seens a lot of movement on the overall leader board with @malbec climbing 7 places to go top

Round 3 kicks off on Saturday lunchtime when Tottenham host Wolves

both @malbec and I feeling extremely dizzy in this lofty position. We’ll soon return to the more comfortable surroundings of the basement.

With you all the way on that one. I know my place :point_down:

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Round 4 turned out to be high scoring with a lot of accurate predictions. @stu took the win with 16.5 points from @Adpully with 15 points. @malbec picks up the wooden spoon with 8.5 points from @chelseadave with 9 points


Overall this has resulted in @stu climbing 5 places into first ahead of @Ijrussell by 1.5 points.

Very fast turnaround this week with games kicking off tonight with two games kicking off at 7.30pm.


Round 5 finished last night with the Man U win over Leicester. @stu won the round again with 16 points from @chelseadave with 14 points. @Adpully picked up the wooden spoon with 7 points, just behind @sjs with 8 points.

Overall @stu increases his lead over @Ijrussell to 6.5 points, @chelseadave rises 5 places, @sjs plummets 3 places, and @pan continues to close the gap to 8th place.

Round 6 kicks off on Sat 3rd with the Merseyside derby at 12.30 pm and finishes on Sunday afternoon when Man U host top of the table Arsenal

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And Round 6 is complete without Monday night football due to the arrival this week of European matches.

Top of the tree this week is @chelseadave with 11 points from @stu with 10.5 points. The wooden spoon is collected by @malbec with 4 points, from @Adpully with 5.5 points.

@stu remains at the top overall, from @chelseadave by 8.5 points. At the base, @Pan continues to close the gap to @Adpully

Round 7 starts on Saturday at 12.30pm with Fulham hosting Chelsea


I need a exceptional week just to catch up!

I know it can be done but usually by others haha

That’s more like it :muscle::grin:

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Round 8 concluded on Sunday with a rather curtailed programme due to three postponements (there was no Round 7, as it was all postponed…)

@Ijrussell takes the win with 10.5 points from @sjs in 2nd with 7.5 points. A brief scrap is on the cards between @murrayjohnson and @malbec as to who keeps the wooden spoon after they both scored 2.5 points.

Despite not having a great weekend, @stu remains 3.5 points ahead of @Ijrussell, and @Pan closes to within 9 points of @malbec

International break over the next 10 days before a return to the EPL on 1st October when Arsenal host Tottenham for the Saturday lunchtime kick-off

Pan can feck off. That spoon is mine :wink::grin: