AAAC-Sign up here


I’ve set up a sub-category of Music called AAAC, and pinned the two posts there (plus moving all the AAAC threads in there). Should make it easier for people to find stuff.


That is a good idea, and the Forum didn’t self-immolate either (:wink:). Cheers Jon


Marginally better than “The dog ate my homework”, I suppose.


Stick me down as I’m sure I can think of some dub reggae shit that Terry doesn’t understand :kissing:


OK then, but you are a lazy git for not signing up the first time around.


Nah I thought id give everyone else a go/ a break from my nauseating shit music recommendations.


Meh, its al just the yellow. It appears, however, that the dog ate your homework. :rage: We have given you an extension and will revise the marking scheme appropriately.



Bugger off with your excuses slackarse…



Dont know if I’m in or out.

Can I be in again?


May 9th for the bring yer own bucket special.


I’m in


You had a go on Jan 17th Neil. I’ll restart the rota when everybody has had a go. We’re after new signups now, or those who forgot to sign up again after the sausage-fingered apocalypse did for AAAC V1.0.


Do you know if you can shake it all about?


Can you add me in, don’t think I’ve had a go since the apocalypse.


May 16th for you Chris.

By apocalypse I presume you mean @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi’s last AAAC nomination? :smirk:


I meant the forum meltdown but yours works better.


You can all get to fuck :rage:


Sign me up, I’m in


Eh? You are already in and signed up. You had a go on Jan 17th. I’ll simply restart the rota once everyone has had a go. Try a little less tofu in the diet Neil, it appears to be bad for the memory.



OK, so it looks like the rota will take us to mid-May. I will make one more call for additional particpants here and now. Failing any further volunteers (and Neil :smirk:) I’ll close AAAC vol2.0 and move to start a new rota for AAAC3.0 from June 1st.

In the interim I’ll go through the current AAAC V2.0 and associate each week with a link to the album nominated to allow for future muppet taunting in the event of a nomination of an album we have already eviscerated.