:thinking: looks like they left the temporary portacabins on the roof which the construction management team used during the refurbishment of the pub below…


‘Green’ architecture?

National Museum in Wrocław, Poland.


Wooden cottage - Poland


I fucking love that, like Hagrid won the lottery and built a mansion.


Looks like somebody forgot to buy a Combination Square :roll_eyes:



Cheers Dave - just ordered that :+1:


They’re great fun live - human pyramids built and dismantled while playing etc. Be warned though, they’ll expect a lot of the audience to dance.
Anyway, back on topic…


LEONARDO DA VINCI, Grand Staircase, Château de Chambord La Rouchefoucauld


Never seen that before, it’s stunning.


I’m going to make a detour in the summer, thanks


He’s done a pretty tidy job but having doorways open directly onto a staircase is a real challenge.

I rented this place for a long weekend once

After a few beers getting out of the main hall onto the staircase to go for a pee involved taking your life in your hands



Ah, North Lees Hall. Lovely place. Hope it doesn’t get sold into private hands, but looks as if it might, with the Peak Park not knowing what to do with it.


Indeed. Completely Gothic experience - spectacular storm on arrival, an absolute maze inside, floors on all sorts of different levels, stories of the mad woman in the attic (I’m sure you’ll know that Charlotte Bronte visited and wrote the place into Jane Eyre) and, apparently, genuine archaeological evidence of a fire up there !

Nice place for dinner too … but I wouldn’t have wanted to have been there on my own …



Bake off heaven


Did you chat with Bill Gordon? A fount of knowledge about the area.


Meat man wanders into wardrobe during game of hide-and-seek . . .


'Fraid not. We were there just for a long weekend, booked as a surprise for Mrs VB’s 40th. I persuaded a few of her family and the odd one of mine to hide about the place before we got there and to pop out unexpectedly over the first few minutes. It went down pretty well.



It would be fantastic for that.



Same here Rick - I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pic - had to double check it was real.