Saw that on an episode of Abandoned Engineering, one of the many “Dad programs” I watch, according to FoL.


I watched one of those recently.

The presenters made me want to punch puppies but, yeah, the subject matter was very good.


Apart from Dr Lynette Nusbacher, who is just awesome.

You must be joking. I think she is awful.

That’s the great thing about opinions. I can think what I think, and you can be wrong. :grinning:


Two wrongs, don’t make it right.
When she opens her gob, I rush for the mute button.
To be honest, none of the presenters are very good.

Yeah, this is all true. I don’t disagree.

I did some digging about her, and her CV is very interesting. Plus, anyone who has the guts to transition and be in the public eye like that deserves credit.

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This is one of those areas, where having in depth knowledge, is not enough.
The program could be so much better, but they do find some really interesting things to see.


Like dining under a cow’s udder?

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One for @hermit here.

In Plitvice national park in Croatia. A disintegrating modernist hotel building from I’d guess the 60’s. Looks like something you’d find on an abandoned Tracy Island!

Nothing ages faster than a vision of the future.


Amazing building. It put me in mind of the abandoned St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross.


Again :roll_eyes:

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Memory like a sieve Mike.

You and me both

When I worked in Jersey there was a disused holiday camped fenced of that I really wanted to go into.

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Like the hotel from Ping Island (Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou).

And reminds me of the Lubetkin structures at Dudley Zoo

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This place is just up the road from me

I’m sure @malbec will know it well.

It has a perennial problem with the big white wall facing the road always being a bit, err, green.

I’d love to see round the back though.