Armchair politics


Katie Hopkins




It will still be shit, regardless of who replaces him.

It could be livened up a tad if electric shocks could be administered to contestants (guests if you must call them that) every time they ignore a question or spin an answer.

5Kva would be a fun amount to play with.


John Bercow - he’ll be looking for something to do soon


Brian Blessed


Noel Edmonds - he can host a quiz show


Christopher Chope. Believes in debate. Sticks to the rules. What more do we need (just the slightest sympathy for public outrage, perhaps - ed) ?





Matthew Wright


Ca va en France?


I’m good. Drunk but…


'Scue my inept Frenchish. Maybe this might be better?

Comment ça se passe en France?



About time, Dimbleby is shit.


I know it’s not much (and you probably know this already) but as an EU citizen you can vote in local & European elections in France. At least until brexit finally becomes concrete. Just need to register at the mairie.


W.T.F? William Hague, yes that William Hague, on the Today Programme arguing to legalise cannabis. OK, he did a poor job of it and was ripped a new one, but it seems like an odd position for him to take.

Anyhooo, we’ve had Hunt giving the NHS money, Hague giving the people spliff, and May giving us a Brexit dividend, all in the space of a week. Heady stuff, the new Utopia clearly awaits us on March 30th next year. We’ll all be healthy, wealthy and mullered…


well I guess two out of three ain’t bad


Just mullered, really, cos there’ll hardly be any nurses or doctors left.

Still, no need to worry about trade of weed: we can just ditch the CAP, give farmers massive bungs for growing weed, and get high on our own supply


Have you been on the bong already today? Zero out of three is the likely outcome, but I admire your dedication to the early start.


Hmmm… 20 billion for the NHS…that’s a fuck of a lot of spliffs :crazy_face: