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Been around a few years but still entirely appropriate :+1:




It’s been said before, by the police IIRC, that the limit should be raised to 80 but should then be much more strictly enforced. It is a bit daft that we’re still using a limit set in the days before ABS, decent headlights, active motorway warning signs and universal radial tyres and disc brakes. Visibility, in many cars, was also worse back then. An effective 80 limit would actually slow down a lot of drivers on the motorways and dual carriageways around here though (the 70 limit is regarded as so ridiculous that exceeding it is the norm, and once the limit’s broken, well, it’s broken isn’t it and you might as well drive as quickly as seems reasonable).



This. Anybody who does 70 on a motorway these days is a danger to themselves and those around them. The muppets doing 90mph and weaving in and out of slower traffic are just as bad though.




There is a 7-series BMW driven by Bert and Ernie causing carnage on the hard shoulder just out of shot @jim.


TBH the real problem is the effect of mixing wagons doing 56, sometimes in two out of three lanes, with everyone else. It encourages the terrrified to drive up the middle of the road all the time because when they happen to find themselves up against an HGV’s tail lights (how did they not notice it 200yds earlier ?) they reckon they won’t be able to change lane.

Yes, yes, I know, I shouldn’t criticise - I’ll be useless one day too.



It’s not an age thing. It’s a attention/competence thing.


Nothing herding them all into a splatterproof room and setting about them with a rusty hammer and chisel pour encourager les autres wouldn’t fix.



John Crace on form again.

Boris does his best Boris tribute act for Tory conference



The ancient joke, recycled, posted for the fifth time, thread is over there —>


On the brighter side, looking around the worlds egocentric, sociopathic, psychopathic, greedy, power crazed cunts of politicians and leaders - we ain’t doing too badly with our inadequate, lying, power crazed and greedy twats of politicians in the UK. Still fucking useless though.



Theresa May’s Dancing Queen Entrance For Conference Speech Actually Just Happened


Like watching a contestant on blind date. How bizarre


As I’ve typed to a mate. It isn’t and won’t ever be funny. We need politicians to be the boring adults.


Would have been better if she came on to ‘Smack My Bitch Up’




She should have come on stage to “love and marriage” to troll Boris.