Armchair politics


Or Boris the Spider


The best piece written on this issue


Maybot dancing to ABBA made me grimace - The longest grimace I have ever grimaced.

Please can we be invaded. Any country will do. I quite fancy a viking invasion personally but beggars can’t be choosers.


Very long but well worth a read :+1:


France please. Then I could wear stripey shirts with impunity and eat more garlic obvs.

Or Canada. Then I wouldn’t feel the need to fuck off home when it really goes to shit.


May is to dancing what Abbott is to numeracy.


:+1: fuckt sadly


In just over a year May has gone from this:

to this:

I’ll have some of what she’s on or is it a mental breakdown? Hard to tell.



Ye Gods!


Featuring all our favourites


i believe from Have I Got News For you.

Leaked document reveals other songs considered for Theresa May’s conference speech:



One small cheer - for kicking Thatcher in the teeth.


Stronzetto has been keenly awaiting the viral launch of his campaign fundraising video. It doesn’t bode well


I’d pay to make it stop.



Yes, his art is an acquired taste