Armchair politics


I don’t read newspapers, and tend to use the BBC website for news.
Is there a better, or more up to date website, to keep up with the daily trials and tribulations, of what is going on?


I personally think Sky News and their website is a better all-day channel, such is the demise of the BBC. C4 News at 7pm is the only one worth watching but I haven’t spent too much time on their website.


I will switch over for awhile, and see what I think.


If I’ve read him right then Mudde might argue that that’s the essence of the problem. Those of us who pay any attention at all to current affairs do so in small chunks when we can fit those into our fragmented 21st century lifestyle. Gone are the days when any significant number of people would sit down for as long as 50 minutes to watch a current affairs programme (Panorama used to be that long, and I think it might even have been an hour once, but now it’s shrivelled to 30 minutes). Sunday newspaper readership is a very small fraction of what it once was. We are much more widely informed than we used to be, but less deeply I’m afraid.

Time was, of course, when at least a fraction of the population sat down once a week and had to listen to a sermon for 15 minutes or so. Maybe that got them into the habit of stretching their attention span ? (For the avoidance of doubt I’m not saying that I approve of the message they were exposed to or of the fact that they were coerced into listening to it.)



Petition here


Lol, on-line petitions. What a waste of time.


Indeed, Online petitions haven’t meant anything since they failed to name the antartic explorer vessel ‘Boaty McBoat Face’. Funny how the will of the people can be ignored when it suits them!


Unless you run them as a business, then you’re quids in.


Indeed. Taking money from the gullible that think they have the slightest effect.


aye, they seem to have died a death now, for a couple of years they were a PITA.


I think they still go on, but they don’t get much support


I see James Palmer doesn’t like Kevin. Am I missing a bit of internal politics here :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::wink:

Reasons for signing - Fucking hell Jim’s involved too.

James Palmer ·2 months ago
Kevin takes the piss. Impossible to beat

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Andrew Painton ·2 months ago
Jim is trustworthy and I had the pleasure of hearing what the Golf Gods sound like when they’re in pain courtesy of his play

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Perhaps we need a People’s Vote. :thinking:


I liked this, makes good points about Labour staying quiet on Brexit.


So, basically, allow the country to implode and use the situation to grab power.

No wonder only 25% of the voting public believes Corbyn is decisive and only 16% approve of his handling of the Brexit situation.

For Labour to be only 1% ahead of the Tories in the light of the current clusterfuck is a joke.


For Leave & Remain options to still be equally popular is also quite instructive. Remain should be 20 points ahead you’d think. Why isn’t it?

I’m not sure that having Tony Blair as the People’s Vote champion is that great a strategy.


A bit like putting Gary Glitter in charge of the nursery.


The last sentence, stick him back where he belongs

Again highlights the shite that is remain.

Someone please come forward and claim


Blair needs to bring forward a Dossier to make his case.


Partly that at both extremes there is nothing anyone can say to change their firmly entrenched views and partly a reflection on the intelligence of the remainder of the voting public.