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Some might say we are not in the wild anymore, at least most.




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Surprised that the tin isn’t sporting the Royal Warrant.


I don’t really understand how her brother was jailed for 10 months 7 months longer than her for helping her cover up?- she was texting and driving as well - and she is a MP?

More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)

She had the whip withdrawn but refused to resign her seat saying she would fight on as an independent as she wasn’t going to prison.


I guess Perverting The Course of Justice carries a higher tariff.


Which she is guilty of as well.


Perhaps they’re taking into account how she’s fucked up her future? Almost certainly about to lose her seat one way or another, will be struck off as a solicitor so her prospects are pretty limited. Fall from grace etc.

Agree she should have got longer though.


They’re not supposed to take that into account, simply assign an appropriate punishment for the crime. So much for justice being blind.



Chris Huhne MP & his wife each got 8 months but were out after 2 (with tags on)


Chris Huhne resigned from parliament when he pleaded guilty. So, on a technicality, he wasn’t ‘Chris Huhne MP’ when he got sent down. He was a crook though.



Onyasanya has certainly been Huhn-ing around in her Nissan Micra


Apparently, MPs can be locked up for 12 months before automatically losing their seat. Madness.


I expect someone will “have a word”.


She might decide to hang on for the money. Her career (solicitor) is over. She has no experience in politics which will be of any interest to anyone. I’m not aware that she has a wealthy family to fall back on. Perhaps she can write pulp novels ? If not then it looks like she’ll be lucky to get a job shelf-stacking.



She has had the whip withdrawn and been chucked out of the Labour Party, there are no words left to say.
Apart from a question from a constutuent toinight who asked about his right to access to his MP and his MP’s resposibility to act for him in parliament.

It is absurd thet she is not sacked and a by election held, but I am not sure who can sack her, there must be some obsure parliamentary procedure to effect it. Can’t she be banished to The Chiltern Hundreds or something?