Armchair politics


Have you seen Her Majesty’s opposition?


Nope, no one has.


What opposition. They seem to be MIA… Twats.



Apparently the regulator doesn’t give a shit about the corporate governance stuff, I somehow suspect neither will the Minister.


I am really interested in why people vote for the parties that they do. I can understand voting for your personal benefit, but that is very few indeed when it comes to the Tories. I can’t get to the position of understanding why people vote Tory out of some kind of principle.

My best guess is that it refers to the olden days. Under Labour, tax rates hit 95% (as immortalised by the Beatles in Taxman - “one for me nineteen for you”, and this was widely seen as against enterprise and generally fucking stupid. But that was four decades ago and more. So once the old fuckers die we’ll be rid of the Tories, I hope.


People I ask generally reply “To keep the lunatic Corbyn out”. It’s a bit of a slogan like, Boris talks a lot of sense, or “we are getting our sovereignty back”. Muppets.


That’s the one that gets me. WTF does it mean?


Far from having lost our sovereign have we got the longest ruling one ever?


That you get blue or black passports instead of burgundy.
Because the MEP that you had opposing the EU for almost two decades didn’t do anything about the colour when he could.


I already have a bluey/black passport,don’t understand why though.


It will help you as a Brit, to restore your national identity.


It will be old & will have expired. No doubt you’ll have got it prior to setting off with Stanley to find Dr Livingstone back in your youth. You’ll need to apply again but hang on 'til 2019 & it’ll be another blue one.


2001 i got it


I thought the burgundy ones started in 1988.


I’ve just got a brand new burgundy one :smiley:



A man for whom the word ‘Turd’ is uniquely apt.


I’d love to give the cunt a dose of his own medicine. Which would be absolutely fuck all.


Family resemblence unmistakeable