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…and pedantry, grammer and spelling cuntishness. Oh, and a reference to self-deleting forums might be good too!


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This is an interesting idea.


That’s really interesting. I deal(t) with a lot of government procurement, and one of my frustrations was that the procuring team were basically lazy - they simply wanted someone to come along and deal with the problem. This meant that only large companies could bid, as only they could put together a team and system large enough. It makes much more sense to have smaller contracts that SMEs can bid for, both from a localism and contract management perspective.


Did you know first-hand that they were lazy or were you drawing that conclusion from the observation of their approach to the procurement process ? Could it have been that there was no positive motivation for those individuals to do things any other way ? Or could it be that they didn’t have the resources to manage a bunch of (potentially squabbling and responsibility-dodging) SMEs ?



I don’t mean that the individuals were lazy themselves, but that the whole system was structured to transfer all of the work elsewhere. Often this was mandated by central government, or simply achieved by cutting all resources.


That was my experience of the internal contract/procurement people in my public sector institution. Once a project got much above ‘minor’ in scale the feeling was that we didn’t have sufficient need for a really capable project management group. So we would be better off using a prime contractor and living with the fact that that would come with a cost and the work might not go to ‘local’ firms. In practice because we were located in the Thames valley the big players might well not be based very far away. This had its downsides though. More than once I was told people were simply ‘lifted’ off our site for days or even weeks when demand was more urgent on the Newbury bypass or, latterly, Heathrow T5.



HuffPost UK: Tory Minister Lord Bates Dramatically Resigns From Government Over ‘Minor Discourtesy’


Ruski humour


A few years old now but still spot on.



What a shame…


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