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Gerry Adams backs Jeremy Corbyn as next PM -


File with Blair under “person whose input will have the exact opposite effect of what they are trying to do”. Despicable excuse for a human being.



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Quite amusing & unfortunate (prescient even) the last sentence you can read before the paywall.

Goodman recalls how years later he rediscovered an old National Union of Students motion for a debate with her handwritten notes on it, saying, “don’t bother reading on: Aaronovitch wrote this crap”.


The Guardian today on JRM:



Oh joy…:unamused:




Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public…


Excellent. A right-wing nutcase and a left-wing nutcase fighting over 90% of British votes.

Great times.


De ja fucking vu


Quiche in human form vs Trump with a monocle.


If Boris does lose to JRM, then I’d rather Corbyn won as we’ll all be better off being dragged back to the 1970’s rather than the 1770’s. I’m inclined to think of Boris, the favourite:face_with_raised_eyebrow:, as an apolitical self-serving buffoon and chancer of the worst type but I’ll not quibble about your description of Corbyn.


Ideal time for a party to take up the centre ground of politics and common sense, oh wait, that would be the Liberal party, never mind, carry on.


I used to consider myself far left, but Corbyn and McDonnell take the biscuit.

I think that utilities should be national assets, but my way would be to have them as local companies owned 51% by the local authority or other public sector, allowing up to 49% private ownership. This strikes a balance between public and private ownership/benefit/profit.

I’m also not against a whole load of business profit - broadly I trust the market to find a good price for things, although it needs controls. These controls should largely be import tariffs on strategic goods (steel, say), and transfer pricing controls (stopping Google, Facebook etc from moving profits to tax havens).

But the Labour system seems to be very 70s - full nationalisation, high taxes rather than smart taxes, subsidies and so on. While these are left wing policies, I think that they are poor economics, and will crucially make business cautious about investing here.

I struggle to vote Labour, despite them being the best fit for my personal politics. I imagine that there are many like me.


And I am one of them. Politics in this country has deteriorated over the years with nothing new coming over the horizon. Political apathy is rife across the country, with more people interested in dancing and talent(less) shows. If Ant n Dec decided to run for office they’d piss it


At this moment in time, I would happily vote just for competence in government.

Fat chance of that.


Me too (I mean I think that, not I am that …). But Corbyn has it in him to do more long-term damage or, more exactly, to allow more long-term damage to be done.

If Trump can get elected though, and Berlusconi is thinking of making a comeback, then Boris-the-womanising-clown-baby might just fit right in.



wtf is happening to world politics, it’s gonna end in tears and a lot of people getting hurt. Suddenly Putin is looking quite reasonable and balanced.