Armchair politics


Social media happened.


Given that it looks like Putin is behind all of it, I think “cold and calculating” might be more accurate.



Newly discovered cave paintings give rare insight into life 64,000 years ago:


Nicked from the Have I Got News For You FB page. The comments are much funnier in a train wreck fashion.


Brutal by Andrew Neill


They really are total wankers who will try anything to distract from the shit storm that is the current Tory party.

Standard press tactics of course, massive full front page lie, retraction saying there was no basis for the first article three weeks later taking one column inch on page 17.


Which is what happens when the majority of the press is owned by cunts


I must say, I have generally thought that Andrew Neill was a massive bell end, but I did like him there.


He’s a good interviewer but that politics show he does after QT is worse than the fucking One show.




So why did he say it in the first place?


Hoping that some of the mud sticks i guess.

Sort of made worse by May announcing her fake news unit not long ago.


The only saving grace this time is that it’s cost him a shit load of pounds.


Corbyn should have sued the cunt.for as much as possible and hired really expensive lawyers with the biggest legal costs possible, the only thing the Tories have any respect for is money (their own).



What’s the pay like?


Dunno, but they should sign us lot up.


Tony B Liar telling untruths? :thinking:


Corbs really, really doesn’t want to be PM, does he?


What’s the story ? Debbie Abrahams perhaps ?

Honestly I’m guessing because the BBC News front page doesn’t mention it. It appears to have been squeezed out, and I’m not making this up, by

My breasts have done their time,

The factory saved by slime,

My periods made me suicidal so I had a hysterectomy at 28 and

Girls’ guide to what a vulva looks like.

FFS is this what I pay the licence fee for ?