Armchair politics


Let us all hope his ambitions can be fulfilled while also relieving us of the current bunch on incompetent morons. In similar fashion, can I have a moon on a stick please? :rage:

I wonder is Donald will be tweeting lots of support for his close ally following the poison attack. Unsure whether he’ll be ra-ra-rahing for Putin or May though. Perhaps we’ll get a ‘there are good people on both sides’.


There is a part of me that wonders what Drumpf would do if May invoked Article 5 of the Nato treaty.


Go on, own up, who clicked it.


Maybe he’ll be back in a minute. That said, it’s not a very long article.



Nope, he sure doesn’t. Must be really pissing Unite off, their take over nearly complete and Momentum leave them Corbyn as a booby prize. Fucking priceless.


You assume he can find it?


Imagine what you’d be getting if you didn’t pay licence fees…


Apply for the Warsaw Pact?


I don’t have to imagine it. I used to live in the USA. That’d be Fox News then :grin: (actually we watched PBS since it was the late 1980’s).




Why the reluctance to gain international consensus by following established procedure?


Quite a reasonable & measured appraisal of where we’re at imho.

Some doubts about Novichoks


Presumably because to satisfy Step 1 they’d need to reveal information about the analytical capabilities of Porton Down, at least to the investigative branch of the OPCW. If they couldn’t be certain that that information wouldn’t leak out (and if I was Russia I would have done my best to get my spies in there long ago, as we very well might have done) then they’d have to assume that that information would end up in the hands of the Russians. At that point it becomes a matter of judgement as to whether revealing our capabilities is worth the political reward. At the time of the Cuban missile crisis Kennedy was prepared to show high-resolution aerial photos of the missiles to embarrass the Russians. He must have felt it was worth it (maybe he felt the Russians already knew about the US capabilities). It could be that we don’t want the Russians to know just how good, or bad, Porton Down really is.



As with the Falklands War it has to be said this is all a nice diversion for the Government.
Nobody has mentioned Brexit for 5 days.


The treacherous Frenchies are also now waiting to see conclusive proof before declaring the Russian state as being guilty.

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux on Wednesday said it was too early for Paris to decide whether action should be taken.

“We don’t do fantasy politics. Once the elements are proven, then the time will come for decisions to be made,” Griveaux told a news conference shortly after May said she was expelling Russian diplomats and suspending bilateral talks.

While he called the attack a “very serious act” on a strategic ally, Griveaux said France was waiting for “definitive conclusions” and evidence that the “facts were completely true” before taking a position …

Perhaps, since Colin Powell’s barefaced lying to the UN and Alastair Campbell’s ‘dodgy dossier’ some are rightly reluctant to take what western intelligence agencies say at face value?


Strictly speaking what lousy politicians (A Campbell et al) say the intelligence agencies are saying …



Very much this.


Obviously the patriotic thing is to blame the Russians unquestioningly. Asking reasonable questions about proof and procedure virtually makes Corbyn a traitor.


Made more awkward by Macron saying the same thing.


Corbyn is of course a traitor, just not because of his questions.