Armchair politics


The good news is - UKIP appear to be terminally fucked.


I thought this simply had to be a joke. But apparently not



Tape loop or echo from earlier?


If the Tories can get any sort of acceptable Brexit deal the next GE will be a walkover.


UKIP were a one policy, and even more, a one man party.

If Brexit becomes a whitewash then, love him or loathe him, Farage will come back and be just as influential as before.

He is a far better orator and media player than May or Corbyn.


I’m hearing UKIP have managed to keep hold of their seat on Question Time despite huge losses elsewhere in the #LocalElections2018


Laugh/cry/laugh/cry/laugh/cry a lot.



They deserve one another. It’ll be interesting to see whether a menage-a-trois with Farage can be made to work though. I wonder if Trump will bring him along as part of his team :grin: ?



I can think of ways to make the carpet very red indeed…


He’ll be expecting to be stabbed in danger-ridden London. If only it was as safe as the US of A, protected by NRA patriots and their guns.

Perhaps HM the Q could sharpen up one of her ceremonial swords?


No need for Leveson II, nothing to see here, move along…


Opening of US Embassy going well in Israel - really looking forward to Eurovision 2019.:scream:




Silly blonde cunt



Tory ex-minister and ‘wanker’ seems to want to join the looney left. :rofl:


Rumour has it that they may also include the investment value of hifi in their calculations.


I’d have thought she had more sense…