Audi R8


RX8 - makes a fucking Maserati look reliable


My mate had a Mazzer coupe - with the 4.2 V8. It wasn’t that bad reliability wise, I don’t think he ever had any massive bills. Not until he rolled it on the M54 in Shropshire anyway…:grimacing:


Used as a car, it might be a problem. Used as a lawn ornament, it really isn’t.


Auto Lab-Ya!



Friend of mine has one of these (not actual)

It does come out of the garage now and then for Goodwood and the like, but engine and/or clutch repairs/replacements etc. scare him to death!

It can be a tail happy beast of a thing though…


Sometimes use the cafe at goodwood for meetings. There was a nice beetle there today giving it the beans…

Ah, wanted to upload the video but not allowed.


The boomerang taillights are far nicer than the hamburgers that followed.



The boomerang lights model was a 3 litre V6 turdo - the later one with the squarish lights was a 4.2 NA V8.


Meh! Details schmetails :unamused:


My bad on the picy, he has the V8.


They ruined it with that change, but it was down to US homologation rules or some shit.


More pictures of R8 please.


Italian cars should not have cup holders.


Very impressed by the design of the R8 when it first appeared, a statement of intent for Audi more than anything, but lately noticed how it’s beginning to look ‘of it’s time’.

Also, a real tosser of an ex-colleague of mine has just bought a s/h orange convertible one. This means the type of people owning them is only going to go one way; not premier league footballers, but people who idolised premier league footballers 15 years ago and can now afford the vulgar car. Orange car = orange people.

The 911 seems to have the unique ability to remain timeless, which sets it apart from the ephemeral supercars of the rich and famous. Yes, knob heads can buy them, but it doesn’t seem to undermine the image.

A has-been in my view.



interesting thread - we need to make a decision in the next few months about what is next on the car front. Our lease is up next Jan, and if we want another new piggy then we have to join the queue in about July……….

On our list this time are lightly used R8’s and lightly used Maser’s, possibly a 911, or even another Macan. Unfortunately the timing for a Taycan which is really piquing my interest is probably not right, unless we can hold on to the Macan for another year.


I’m doing my best!


Spot on.


It’s a wine cooler.