Audi R8






I was trying to make you feel better.


Porsche make their own baby / child seats. I used to put our Maxi Cosi Pebble in the front. Booster seats can be fitted easily. My friend, who I bought the car from, used to have his sons (5&6) in the back. No biggie.


You are all just kidding yourselves, give in and just buy a Mazda RX8 R3.


Jim in the front, Adam in the back (for no more that 10 mins)?


That would get us to the Turan :sunglasses:


Lol it would actually end up as 10 hours - by the time the equipment necessary to extract him arrives.


How much is a clutch for an R8? Set of tyres?


I expect similar to 911






Never warmed to the NSX, personally, though I appreciate the engineering.


A Japanese Ferrari. I would love one of those.


I’ve seen a 911 with a tow bar pulling a caravan. I’ve never seen that with an R8. Case closed.


In favour of the R8.


Lol, that’s not ever been on my list of requirements.


Never got the appeal of the nsx, all the power is at stratospheric revs with very long gears so unless you’re doing track days i don’t see the point.


Audio Abattoir, the Caravan Club, two peas in a pod.