Audi R8


True of all Honda’s I think.


To a (much) lesser extent, yes i agree.


Planning a trip to France & looking to avoid detection?


Something like that…


Go on get one, then I can laugh and point…:laughing:


I love these threads. Post crap, op just does what he planned anyway (in this case buys a 997.2)


Just had a look on autotrader - a lowish mileage one is going to cost about £10k on top of your car. It’s very similar performance. Not read any reviews but I’d be surprised if they handled/were more fun to drive than your 911. I don’t like the looks as much as yours, but ymmv.

So, why? Just fancy a change?


Just pick one from these…


Bore scoring. IMS. Panamera V8 jealousy. Undiagnosed adhd.


Also very silly to suggest you can’t get independents to service Audis. There’s no difference between them.


As an example, if I was going to have the clutch changed, I would want the person doing it to have done it before on an R8. I doubt an Audi independent would have done it before.

My other point is that when I need to change my Porsche clutch I will buy a top quality OE make (not in a Porsche box) from a motor factors, the cost will probably be half. I quickly searched for an R8 clutch earlier and could’t find one, which might mean you have to buy one in an Audi box from Audi.

I take our A5 to an Audi Indy.

All of this might not be a factor for Pete, as he may well want to use a main dealer in any event.




Someone traded in a 911 turbo against a new SSangYong…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Fuck me that interior :sob::sob::sob::sob::face_vomiting:

You may be colour blind, but I’m not.


Lol didn’t get that far.


Who knew “poo brown” formed part of the Porsche colour palette?


Apparently it’s red.


Try again. Turbooooooooooooooooo.


If only I wanted a turdo 911…


You do.