Audi R8


You mean you do… that’s what you mean, right? :rofl:


I’m being the voice of reason.


Just go out for a nice (fast) drive in your 911 over the weekend on some good A roads, come back and think fuck, how could I ever think about getting rid of you. Job done.


That’s part of the issue, 95% of his driving is done in the X3. The 911 just sits in front of his gaff, looking nice.


Reduces the chances of bore scoring. And speeding tickets. And ims failure. Sensible.


That’s the issue.


the R8 thought has crossed my mind on many occasions, but I have not quite got there.


The R8 is awesome.

I have been a passenger a few times and driven one for 5 minutes once.

Seriously nice and maybe even faster than my A3 was (for 10 days).


I got to drive one as part of a 5 car super car track day.
The R8 was the best car of the day it kicked the arse of all the other cars I drove that day.
If I could afford one I wouldn’t hesitate in buying one.
Seriously good car.


What were the others?


did you get to drive an Astra?


The interior looks more than 67,000 miles to me.


Drove an R8.

Good points - it’s fast, one helluva chassis

Bad points - it’s an Audi, and from the inside you just can’t avoid the fact it’s an Audi.

If you don’t like Audi’s (and this is the right answer), then try as you might to distract yourself, the R8 is still an Audi, and this will get to you.


I like the R8, although you could probably have an Aston for the same money, which would be a no-brainer.

I also like the Nissan GT-R but am put off by the service interval. I think it’s better than it used to be but is still around every 40-45 miles IIRC.


Lamborghini gallardo
911 Carrera 4
Ferrari California
Aston Martin Vantage
Audi R8


I’ve driven a Gallardo round a track. It was an older one. I wasn’t impressed. The supervisor sat next to me was surprised at how late I braked into corners. I still feel proud of that now.


Can you get a set of golf clubs and a trolley in the boot?


I can get my gokart in the boot of my 911, and my golf bats across the back seats (or in front of the passenger seat).


Audi S8 just for Ronin reasons (and it will trounce an R8 off the line)


My mate had one. It was a beast of a car, plus limousine like when a passenger. It expired on 150k miles.