Audi R8


Interesting, so you preferred the R8 to the 911 (albeit, I guess a C4, rather than C2…

The Gallardo and R8 are v similar, no?


Indeed, there’s no fucking way on earth I’d spend my own money on an Aston. :rofl:




No the R8 and the Lamborghini where worlds apart the R8 was much better.
Better build quality.
More grip
Way better in the corners
Better gear change
Way better comfort
Great feel when braking
It was so fast I over took nearly every other car on the track in two laps of the track just so quick and the grip and confidence it gave you was simply awesome.


Running costs of a Lambo. Image of an Audi.

Err, no. :crazy_face:


Is there a kit you can add to replace a few panels and decals and make it back into a Lambo?


Dude, you drive a Jimmy. :clown_face: it’s like Terry pontificating on food while actually using a gas ‘BBQ’.


Ooooooh, get her :unamused:


Was the R8 the V10? Or V8?


Propa Audi . . .


I want the new Jimny. But waiting list is 2.5 years. :disappointed_relieved:



Where I am working at the moment has a tvr parked up


Are you sure it’s parked, rather than broken down?




Has to be the Audi, the 911 (despite Porsche doing a very good mitigation job) is never going to be as quick as the mid engine R8 on the road.
As for cunt factor, all posh German cars are cunt vehicles, personally I think the current Mercedes range shout cunt the loudest, fucking awful things especially the AMG ones.


Yes could be ! Not seen it move


I love them so much, just cannot afford. It’s good to have levels of cuntishness to aspire to.


Except a 997.2 for the same money is quicker.


On paper, and on a track in dry conditions. Bet it isn’t on the road though.