Audi R8


If its quicker on the Nürburgring and a slalom its quicker on the road.


I think a rear wheel drive is more pleasurable to drive than a 4wd.


Plus I think you can get away with driving a Porker when you are older. R8 is a young persons car.

The image of the R8 to me is questionable. Everyone I see driving one has a shit haircut.



The Nurburgring is nothing like driving on UK roads especially the better B roads.


Fuck, the cheapest V10 on Autotrader is 45 grand! :flushed:

…and they didn’t really improve the interior - still looks like it’s straight out of a repmobile :smirk:


It’s more like a road than most tracks, I don’t understand how a wider car can suddenly be faster on our congested 60mph roads when every objective measure puts Pete’s current 997 on par and the 997.2 a bit quicker. Really in terms of out right speed then the Nissan GT-R is the quickest anyway :smiley: anywhere.


Well designed mid engine cars can do things others can’t. Especially on undulating, twisty, variable surface roads.


A car is only as quick as the driver can peddle it (and traffic/law will allow).


The gemdarmerie might beg to differ, it is Pete we’re talking about here…


Agree about Mercs. And they seem to attract a special kind of cunt as driver.


that explains alot. I rather liked my 5.5l V8 AMG. It made a great noise.


Just want to check my conclusions on the collectives thinking so far

  • All fast cars are driven by cunts

  • There is not a car brand that is not considered cuntish

  • Brown leather is hyper-cunt

  • Putting the engine in the middle of the car is good but all cars with engines in the middle are cuntish


I think Alfa Romeo is the exception.


The ring definitely has more in common with twisty B roads. The R8 4.2 is definitely slower than the 997S round there. I suspect the Porker is faster in the real world (4wd notwithstanding). When I took it to the ring it felt very well balanced. The reality is that the difference is minimal.

The sensible (default) choice is to go to a 997 Gen 2. I was just considering other options.


What are residual values like, for the R8?


I just enjoy the way mid engine cars feel. Would a Gen 2 really be much different from yours? Speed wise, yeah it’s all minimal. An R8 is different and probably in a good way, hiring one like Mark suggested is a good idea. Try before you buy.


Well, yeah, that’s the reason I’m interested. Will get a test drive.


They seem to hold up quite well. 911 is almost certainly better, though.


Go for it. There are many cars I wish I had bought before boring people carriers became a necessity, M3s,911s etc. If you have the chance and the cash to experience cars that remain a dream for most, then it’s a no-brainer. And once you have ticked the R8 box, then it’s M3 time !