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Typical Galloways. Should have gone to Muffin Man.


Charging for sauce in Wigan is pretty much tantamount to anal rape.


Hence Wigan’s Chosen Few


But they do make delicious Vanilla Slices and no sauce charge to boot.


I’d have paid 8p to have seen this.


She was probably being arrested for money laundering :smile:


Too sharp, too early!


That’s extremely strong espresso for you !


I’ve already had two ! :grin:


That’s the equivalent of about six normal ones ! :grinning:




I guess she’d put on weight since that picture




Lost Cockatiel


Probably the happiest it has been since it hatched. Birds are not meant to be kept in cages. :rage:

I hope it enjoys the freedom before it succumbs to the inevitable.



We had a McDonalds here & I’m proud to say it failed & was closed after about 12 months. Too much competition from the pasty shops.

It still pleases me to see the picture of the building on streetview from 2008 just before it was demolished



I expect it was all a bit early, McD’d will probably try again when Devon gets into the 1970s :grinning: