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Meanwhile, in Jersey…


FFS. Five minutes down the road from me.


Saw that on the local news last night. Not nice. Not nice at all


Typed from Cell Block 7b


Poor bastard


I had a meeting last week with a guy from South Wales Police who works in the Wales Extremism and Counter Terrorism unit.


I asked him if Welsh extremists scream Allahu Akbaaaaahhh


So, it’s not a bomb, but FFS spell Lerwick correctly

Suspect device found in Lewick was not ordnance


Good riddance, drunken tosser


Not the AA strapline, except on the right occasion


(Near) Death In Paradise

Looks like the guy in the foreground could have bought it too if only he hadn’t hung on so steadfastly to that lifebelt.




Make no mistake, we’re building a big, beautiful net. And the pigeons are going to pay for it.


From our local paper.

I’ve two issues with this. First of all. it is stretching credulity to imagine that the police could even catch never mind pull over an Astra van.

Secondly, even in reverse an Astra only has one speed. What were they expecting? The officers are lucky to be alive & I’ve no doubt their car will have to be written off.


You’ve ignored the obviously false claim that a Peugeot 306 drove past at the time of the incident. Unless the car was being towed or was on a flat bed lorry at the time with smoke and steam appearing from all apertures, there is clearly something amiss with the reporting. Also, nobody sane would purchase a 306, let alone be out after dark in March in this disappointment Francais.


Ah, but there were 306s sold so some are/were around. The best time to drive one is after dark when the occupant can’t be recognised.


Makes a change from “the train was late” or “a lawnmower was stolen some time between October and March”.


Call that a spotted pig ? This is a spotted pig



It was a missing spotted pig, silly. The spots were missing.