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25 years ago today

And a fantastic photograph taken by a local photographer - John Coutts


Good lad is John.
If you see him, please give him my regards.


photo AnalTV.gif


Is that pay per view?


Yeah, but there’s a pirate channel :+1:


Bet that Anal TV van is parked like a cunt and driven by a dick.


Sorry, missed by an inch



I’m surprised that the shit flinging gibbon wasn’t David Davis. It usually is.


Deep sea fish, caught off Shetland


Cockpunch to the “deep sea researcher” who thought it was OK to haul the poor things from the depths of the ocean and leave them to die for the amusement of his children. Absolute fucking cunt.


I had presumed they were already dead when he landed them


The truly abyssal stuff dies a horrible depth being hauled-up, but those guys live below the photic zone but not that deep so often survive the journey - in either case killing them to amuse his kids is not on.



Rochdale Herald’s a spoof paper, like The Daily Mash, The Poke etc.



There’s another bubble burst! :grinning:


He loves doing that. Hangs around outside schools dissing Father Chrismas and the Tooth Fairy.



I feel I still have a way to go before fully integrating into rural Lincolnshire…


Maybe get a second tongue piercing. You’ll be nailed on then.

Did you get his reg?