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Drugs, alcohol and probably yet another failure of ‘care’-in-the-community. Very sad.



Shetland joins the space race!


I’d have thought joining the 20th century would be a less ambitious target.





Remains of a bus crash yesterday ,the lady driver was taken to hospital with multiple injuries,A66 was closed around M’bro for most of the day…she was on her way to pick school children up…coach was empty apart from the driver…




Less curly kale, more short ‘n’ curlies kale


Lucky she didn’t mistake it for a sachet of salad dressing?:rofl:


Genuine used car ad from Shetland

Had it for nearly a year and it’s been a problem since I bought it, had new back brake shoes, new back wiper motor, new springs because she was lowered… new head gasket and since then has been overheating and water is disappearing out of her so probably not even worth fixing tbh… 100% a project.

Side skirts are held on by about 80 cable ties, her underneath is absolutely disgraceful. Passenger front alloy has been scraped a bit from me nearly crashing :flushed:!

Don’t know why I’m putting her up because I’m gonna get absolutely fuck all for her but if someone wants to attempt to get her on the road then on you go…



Jim was looking for a new car…


That drunk woman could make use of it when she gets her licence back.


“This is not the shed you’re looking for…”


Clearly the excitement has reached fever pitch in Edmonton. Kudos for the headline though. Key quote:

No one was injured


Actual good local news this time

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The scheme’s been going for a while and could work well in places where the cinema isn’t too busy but there is also unsatisifed demand. We looked into it here in Didcot but the local cinema is pretty busy so they’re not prepared to offer many dates and they also set quite a high threshold for the number of tickets that have to be sold before a film gets screened. It’s a good idea in principle though.



We have a small arts cinema, in Cambridge, that will get in a film for you, if you can get 35 customers.


Meanwhile in Lowestoft, life continues as normal.