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you mean you’ve never plucked your eyebrows in a restaurant - as I once witnessed (a man doing) in Shanghai


Payment chaos as Visa networks breaks across Britain, stopping card transactions from working - The Independent


Bound to be blamed on Russian hackers.


Bet it’s a practice for Brexit day. Once all the money is gone :moneybag:


Rich can have a place in the cockpunch thread…

Just because Visa are having issues you throw a tantrum in sainsburys and leave the staff to clean up your mess.

Fucking hell I’m getting old but cunting yoof of today and all that


Local news and flutism, it doesn’t get much better than that.


That’s Terry’s Christmas sorted :yum:


A cathedral full of proggers in jeggings all stood on one leg, loverly.


Fixt for prog reasons. They are playing a shortened set you know…

:face_vomiting: Don’t forget the random gurning…


No doubt inspired by the one-footed ‘sciapod’ shown in the cathedral’s Mappa Mundi



are they starting on the 1st December to complete the recitation in time?


I fucking hate you lot :unamused:


You hat us lot a lot :yum:


Stop trying to cheer me up. I have achieved the optimal level of grump and you are buzzing my harsh.



Looks like Sodder’s great great great granddad…


Odd one footed position, appearing to be ready for an unpleasant expulsion of wind? So far, so Tull…


That’ll be the bonnacon, I think, also shown on the map, in this case having a shart



Disgraceful :rage:


^ One would expect a royal personage to be insulated from this type of thing . . . shocking.


Closer to @pmac han here.