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Charity hospice robber! How low can you go?


Did he use the money to tie lots of ballons to his house?



Advert on Shetland Classifieds today:

Greggings - £8

Comes with Authentic grease stain on the top right thigh - as you will know they only come in one size (8) if you have visited this establishment, you would have seen lady’s of a certain size wearing other makes - with a camel toe that looks like a folded fuckin matress…

Does not included p&p



There’s an armed SWAT team in Wheathampstead (village just north of St Albans near @coco ), complete with armed police, tracker dogs and a helicopter. Apparently someone from Luton visited.

Edit: he was chased by six police Range Rovers through St Albans as well.



Anthony Leach, who lives there, said the smell of smoke is “in every room”.

“It’s like you could almost smoke mackerel in there,” he added.



I’m surprised there aren’t warnings of a drought given how little rain there seems to have been over the past few months.


My 3 butts are empty😒


I like big butts:yum:







The smoke is drifting amazingly far, Wigan got smothered a few times today. It’s burning deep in the peat apparently so just keeps flaming up in random spots.

Not my pic:


My brother lives in Greenfield which is very close. He said he has had to keep all of windows closed and chatted to a couple of farmers in the local last night who had spent most the day trying to move livestock.


That can cause very long-lasting damage. In the summer of '76 I understand there was a good deal of burning on the N York Moors. When I walked across it in 2016 you could still see the signs if you knew what to look for.



What’s the time. Doomsday Clock?