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Oh dear. This year’s bigotfest didn’t go too well.


A spokesman for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said a bunch of stuff including this zinger:

“The Orange Order is founded on the principle of religious liberty and respect for people of all faiths”



Said with no hint of irony or self awareness.


I had imagined the quotation as being screamed through a megaphone by some sweaty overweight gammon faced lunatic with the veins in his face and neck bulging to the point of no return.


And still 3 days until the main event.


That’s every Unionists default mode for communicating their displeasure at literally fucking everything.


The only orange I ever liked…





Well charred for me please


What a bitch. The true spirit of UKIP.


I’ll see your UKIP criminal and raise you with a UKIP murderer who is terrifyingly blithe about murdering his wife:


guy drains his local canal !! by mistake


That’s the Kennet and Avon. Supplying water to it was always a challenge. The summit is at Crofton where the original pumping station, which brings water from springs further down the hill up to canal level, still exists. The work is routinely done by modern electric pumps. But every so often an enthusiasts’ group fires up the original Boulton and Watt beam engine (No 1). It is the oldest working beam engine in its original location in the world.

Running it up is an edgy exercise. If they mess up it’s possible for the engine to threaten the structural integrity of the building. It’s well worth a visit though. You get to squeeze past some very large, very hot moving machinery.



I know him. He used to be the landlord of my local in the early nineties.


What is called again? The Happy Strangler? The Hope and Rope?


Apropos of not very much, Albert Pierrepoint used to be the landlord of a pub in Oldham called The Help The Poor Struggler.


Fond of ‘a drop’ I believe.


17 in a day at one point just after the Nuremberg trials…