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holy fuck - Aldi really does sell some natural produce

I am surprised Aldi didn’t charge more for the added protein -


Lol family “horrified”. Where do these dickheads think their food comes from?


I could think of worse things to find in my veg.


eh ?


As usual for a shackledragger, the “think” is missing.



A sad indictment of the moronic times in which we live.

They’d probably prefer that the veg be triple bleached to remove anything natural.


Once Stronzetto’s in charge we’ll be OK because all farming will look like this



Racisist :angry:


the usual gridlock here as main stratford road closed and armed police all over new street station after this event yesterday


Disgusting behaviour :scream:. I’ld express sympathy on your behalf if I wasn’t going through a virulent anti-Strayan phase.

Today I have been shopping with my Antipodean and the sprogs. It is boiling and I have the red mist descending.



When shopping, always give it 1.5 hours then stop for a coffee and a small refreshment for 30 minutes, then off for another 1.5 hours. Works for me with 3 daughters and a Ms ICHM.




I robbed this from the stand outside the corner shop 20+ yrs ago. Found it rolled up in a poster tube the other year.



His superhero name needs some work.


Framed in the loo?!


the delights of sinkholes in ripon