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Yea, don’t eat fluffy chicks, eat a cow instead. Whorra twat.


Confusing ‘no left turn’ sign raking in £100,000 a week for council - The Independent



Can’t understand why they are protesting about a screening of The Wicker Man. It’s only a documentary

Isn’t it?


Just hope the islands don’t have a bad harvest or, being an outsider, you might find out for yourself.:frowning:


…and Britt Ekland’s tits :+1:


She says the bum wasn’t hers. ISTR that according to her she was having a spat with the director and she went off set for a day in some sort of huff. While she was away a body double filmed the nude bedroom/dancing scene and the first she knew about it was when she saw the finished film on the opening night.



I shall ignore this information. Next time I watch that scene (with several replays) it will still be Britt Ekland. AWRITE !?!?






Saw that earlier, hysterical :rofl:


From my village FB group…

Does anyone know who owns the goats on commons lane to wood? as one is loose on the road. I am with clients till 6.30 otherwise I would go and get it back in it’s field :goat::goat:


And an update:

It’s a sheep not goat. update police are trying to catch it :sheep::sheep:

It’s all happening here in North Herts. #goatsheepwatch


I’m not sure I could take that level of excitement


Hmmmm BBQ :meat_on_bone:


Mutton will be on special offer in some of Luton’s better curry houses ce soir.


Daily occurrence here. Usually sheep, sometimes cattle, the odd horse and once an Al fucking paca spitting at everyone.


One of @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion’s on day release?