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Was he near the lake?


Took my spot :frowning:


He’d got the groundbait in, set up 3 rods, put his bivyy up & was feeling a bit cold while waiting. Could happen to anyone.


"an office worker watched in horror “
” masturbated for more than an hour, a court was told."
Watched in horror for over an hour? :joy:


Watched in horror, while the whole thing was livestreamed to 5 separate social media platforms.


Makes me proud to be Bristolian.


The sub-editing on my local rag, The Didcot Herald, makes even The Grauniad look competent. Here’s this week’s howler

Outlined in red is a letter from someone whingeing about one of the local MPs, Layla Moran (Lib Dem), being, er, a politician. Directly below it is this week’s piece by Ms Moran (it starts “As a teacher by profession …” which is what she was before she became an MP). But the banner above shows Nicola Blackwood (Tory). Nicola was one of the victims of Mrs May’s overconfidence on June 8th. She’s never been a teacher.

I’m assuming this was a cock-up but it’s just possible, I suppose, that they did it to wind up the correspondent (doubtless a Tory) :grin:.




Clearly a nice bit of marketing but as least the rozzers are making an effort.


Satire, but having been through Dublin airport regularly at Xmas time it is not far off the truth.



Top Brighton journalism right there :clap:



There’s got to be a song in that story somewhere.


I need her in my life.


Song title right here . . .


C&W epic right there :+1:


I bet her father must be really proud of her, especially with him working so hard at this time of the year delivering all those presents to the children of the world


Details here:

Nice use of ‘probe’ by the sub-editor there…:smirk: