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Perhaps it had something to do with the shit line ups :thinking:


I can’t say that I have any sympathy for the chinless wonders in their state funded gilded cages. Once ER2 croaks we should sack the lot of them.

Kent needs to pull its finger out and get this lot over.

I suspect Lopwell the day after curry night would look worse.


Hope this wasn’t one of yours @edd9000?!


No idea, but it wasn’t mine :grin:

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Yeah, I’m just perfecting targeting of the speed-camera triggered NLAWs…

Stay safe out there :+1:

Had one of them on the M40 yesterday. Thankfully, I was travelling in the opposite direction.

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Old post, ooops

Old story but quite interesting, particularly if you know the area.


I always thought it was the pub between princetown and tavy by the rocks,Dartmoor inn?

I had a meal there just last week.

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Any good?

At Merrivale? It’s now owned by Eversfield of the organic meat farm & posh food shop. The food there should be good although I guess a bit £££.

It does sound as if the axeman was free to roam anywhere if he was going to Horndon, Peter Tavy & Hexworthy.

How can an image be simultaneously pleasing and infuriating?

Here’s Margaret Thatcher with a rope around her neck…

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And got egged within minutes, apparently :+1:


Can’t see it lasting long

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Yes quite nice fish and chips - Did have to deal with slate and little pots thou. Pricy but we haven’t been out for a meal for ages.

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Why are they not clapping?

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