Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


Buy once,buy Vauxhall


I guess the number plates might be a bit of a give-away


Re-register them or private plate.




I smell finagling - I like finagling


Hasn’t he got a cave somewhere?


I hope so, they come in handy


I imagine that re-registering them will trigger a check if they have been imported legitimately. But who knows, eh? :rofl:


Auto Lab-ca!


Seems Mays voice is worse today

It would be great if she could get hold of the same machine that Stephen Hawkins used for today’s pmqs


Maybe she won’t be doing her usual; Employment Up!, School spending Up!, Health spending Up! pantomime routine today


You’ve been talking to those ‘technology fixes everything’ wallahs haven’t you. Actually with cars, and combined with the old grey import warranty problems, it just might.



No voice is better than a bad voice


I can’t believe the tariff schedule / honesty box is anything other than a “look what a mess it’ll be if you don’t vote for my deal” scam by Maybot

It quite clearly wouldn’t last two seconds IRL


I think the only impact of the threats of zero tariffs etc will be to (i) weaken to zero the ability of the UK to negotiate FTAs with the rest of the world who would already have the majority of the benefits and none of the costs of a FTA and (ii) almost guarantee that any negotiations with the EU would start off in a very poor atmosphere. Given that any negotiations are likely to take years, not starting in a bad place is usually seen as a bonus.


I agree that they’re issues to address, but the main - and worst - problems start from day one

Exhibit A

MFN hell, livestock farming fucked, smuggling ahoy … it’s chaos by design. And she know’s it


The move from whipped to free votes on amendments today and the free vote on ‘No Deal’ shows the complete lack of control/unity in Government (if we ever doubted this). I expect ‘No Deal’ to be punted into the farthest reaches of outer darkness tonight and instructions issued to request a lengthy extension to A50 tomorrow. After that, I can’t see May keeping the lid on her Govt much longer after that. I note that Hammond has carefully hung May and her deal out to dry in his statement this afternoon. That is certain to help heal the divisions :lying_face:.


I’m assuming that TM is going for the full hat-trick of most substantially defeated motions in the House.


So if the EU or any one country in the EU object to an Art 50 extension we leave on the 29th.

If they agree to an extension of say 3 months and we don’t have a new deal by then, we leave at the end of three months with a “no Deal”.

A GE and 2nd Ref are still unlikely as the Tories just won’t support them. In fact, an Art 50 extension makes them less likely as the Government can always say they are negotiating and holding either would not be helpful etc…


They aren’t supported by the executive, but the executive are no longer in control of Parliament.