Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option



I think a GE is more likely than a 2nd Ref. There’s more chance of a vote of no confidence occurring before 29th March than there is of a 2nd Ref being voted through. That really will be the last resort.

This vote on No Deal isn’t binding (although some amendments might be). I don’t expect it to change much.

Getting an extension is far from a certainty either.


I think I’m probably expecting the EU to either allow TM to revoke A50, keep with the current deal or to crash out at the end of the month. I don’t see them being willing to do anything more than that at this stage and given what a clusterfuck the UK has been for the last 2 years of this.


Bang on


It’s as if someone has popped a grey wig on Munch’s The Scream, then cast it an ITV drama about the female governor of a category-A prison.



“On close inspection, the “beacon of democracy” turns out to be a bin fire.”



We can revoke A50 up until the end of the 29th

Not that we will, I suspect. But we can


It wouldn’t surprise me if the Italians objected to an extension. It’ll only take one.


I think she will go for mv part 3



Former Tory MP Anna Soubry picks up on Michael Gove’s comment that the government motion doesn’t take the option of “no deal off the table”.

“The cat’s now out of the bag”, she says. She asks whether the government is offering a free vote on amendment f but instructing its MPs to vote against amendment a (see below for further explanation).

He says he now knows what it’s like to be cross-examined by Ms Soubry - a former barrister - but quips: “I also understand why lawyers are paid by the hour”.

“Repeatedly I worked pro bono - as many criminal barristers have to do under his cuts”, she retorts.



John Bercow, responding to a question from Angela Eagle, implied it’s possible that if the government keeps bringing back the withdrawal agreement to the Commons, he could rule it out of order as it’s not responding to the will of the House.

However true that may be (the will of the house bit) the bed would be truly on fire :grin:


“Quote of the debate – arguably quote of the entire Brexit – went to a Conservative backbencher by the name of Steve Double. “This is a turd of a deal,” he intoned to the House of Commons, “which has now been taken away and polished, and is now a polished turd. But it might be the best turd that we’ve got.””

Did this really happen??


Yes, yesterday.


" Most of those 498 MPs are a reminder than no one in this country should ever suffer from impostor syndrome again. "




Fuck me, we really are just going to shit out on the 29th.



Imagine Labour with Kier Starmer or Yvette Cooper as leader. They’d have cleaned up.