Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


Also, I don’t like the SNPs politics, but you can’t doubt they have some impressive MPs.

Stephen Gethins is a particularly good speaker.



Was he the one who praised Gove for his nice words about May, and then commented that the Conservatives always look fondly upon their former leaders? :slightly_smiling_face:


Lost again!
And they were whipped!
How much longer can she sit there?


ERG fumin’ babe.


They must be a busted flush now?


What happens now if The Malthouse amendment passes?


The Malthouse Compromise could still work as it is a deal and not ‘No deal’


Well, a ‘managed no deal’

I don’t think it will pass, but you never know.


So 308 of our elected MPs think it’s ok to leave on No Deal. They should be put in jail FFS


JRM still saying it’s not binding in law. Sounds like he’s whistling in the graveyard.


Smart money on two year extension until end 2021.


Someone wants to point out to him then, that the Referendum was advisory. In law.

The smarmy little cunt.


Malthouse hammered :rofl:


Hehe. It was pure fantasy anyway.


In a land where unicorns roam, fantasy is the new normal.


Enjoying this,even though I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on


It’s giving me plenty of shouting at Rees-Mogg through the telly opportunities.

Mind you, Claire’s just told me to stop shouting “Cunt” at the telly…


Now the biggy.

Any chance of it being defeated?


I’m pretty sure that Bercow is actually taking the piss massively and is shouting “ORDURE!!!” rather than “ORDER!!!”.